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U8 & U8 Plus Skiing *Changed for 2020

All SSWSC programs are subject to change due to Covid-19. Program start and end dates, times, schedules, and structure may be adjusted. If necessary, programs may be interrupted or cancelled. We will communicate any changes to all families who have registered.

U8 and U8+ Skiing (ages 6-7) *Changed for 2020

Participants establish a solid foundation of alpine skiing skills on appropriate terrain and in varying conditions.  Each child is placed in a group of similar age and ability and stays with the same coach for the entire season. U8 and U8+ groups train at both Howelsen Hill and Steamboat Resort. The U8 program offers training on Saturdays, and the U8+ adds Thursday night training and an earlier Saturday start time. U8+ is for 1st and 2nd graders, must be 6 years old by Dec 31, 2020.

    ·    Minimum requirement: Some skiing experience that allows for skiing on green and easy blue runs
    ·    Participants need alpine ski equipment including helmet
    ·    Skiers must have ski passes to Steamboat Ski Resort and Howelsen Hill
    ·    Register by October 15 to ensure a place in this program


U8: Sundays only, 9:00am-noon at Steamboat Resort, December 5 – March 6

U8+: Thursdays (4:15-5:45pm) at Howelsen and Sundays (8:45am-12:00pm) at Steamboat Resort, December 3 - March 6

*All U8 program may have a few Saturdays that we might train at Howelsen Hill throughout the winter during busy times at Steamboat.


Thursdays Howelsen Hill, Sundays at Steamboat Ski Resort or Howelsen Hill, varies by week


U8 (Sat only): $695 plus $100 refundable work deposit

U8+: $975 plus $175 refundable work deposit

Lodges: SSWSC will have a temperature cut-off of when we won’t have training due to the lack of indoor facilities to warm-up. As a club, we are not allowing use of lodges at Howelsen or Steamboat unless for emergency. We will know more about bathrooms, warming huts, tents, etc in the near future. Just know that if your child refuses to put on that extra layer, bring it and the coach will work on it. It is so important this year to make sure they are dressed appropriately. All kids will be expected to arrive to training, full ready to ski.

Drop-off/Pick-up: Within the times from above, we might shift 5-10 minutes to spread out congregating of groups. This year more than ever, you will need to be right on time!

Masks: All kids will be required to wear masks or face coverings. Knowing how kids love to chew on their neck gaiters, I recommend stocking up and putting a fresh one in their pocket!

Snacks: We will still stop for a mid-morning break, but it will be outside. Each kid should have a small hand sanitizer in their pocket

For more information on work deposits and charitable contributions click here.

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