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The sport of alpine ski racing began in 1922 with a slalom race in Murren, Switzerland and the first American ski race was held in 1923 at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. This sport first joined the SSWSC in 1931. These races are scored by time only. Runs are timed down to the 1/100th of a second. The SSWSC currently has 400 alpine participants in our race and development programs. Our training encompasses all 4 disciplines including downhill, super-g, giant slalom and slalom.

With an emphasis on fundamentals, free-skiing and overall passion for the sport, our athletes have the opportunity the excel to the best of their ability. Whether your child is chasing an Olympic dream, hoping to compete in college or simply looking to improve their skills for a life-long enjoyment of alpine skiing, we strive the assist them in realizing their full potential.

Tyler Shepherd, Alpine Director


Blair Seymour, Youth Development Director

Summer Programming


In the off-season we offer full physical conditioning programming. These are based on each athlete’s age group and specific needs. These programs roll into our full-time programming which starts in September.

Summer Ski Camps

Our Alpine Program has a few summer ski camp options, including a June camp usually held in either Mammoth, CA, or Mt. Hood, OR and a later summer camp overseas. Not only do these camps create an opportunity for athletes to build upon their growing progression and technique but it allows for personal growth and development. DETAILS HERE.