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Junior Coaching

Junior Coach Intern (6th-11th grade)

Junior Coach Intern (6th-11th grade)

The Junior Coach Intern is interested in volunteering 1-2 days per week and is committed to attending 10 Saturdays or Sundays during the season. Additional optional training will be available during the season to train with other junior interns or coach apprentices.


  • Complete the SSWSS Junior Coach Program Application. The application process is the first step of responsibility and ownership of this program.
  • The program is a 12-week program that includes one weeknight/month of training and one weekend day of junior coaching.
  • - Monthly weeknight training would consist of improving their ski skills, breaking down fundamental skills, and learning teaching progressions.
    - Weekend training would consist of placement with a senior coach and helping lead a group of U8 or U6 skiers.
  • Junior Interns in 9th-12th grade are required to complete Safesport with parental approval. Cost of $20 will be reimbursed by SSWSC with completion certificate.


  • Accepted individuals would be provided with a SSWSC coach pass or $100 toward the expense of an IKON pass and a complimentary Howelsen Hill ski pass.
  • Coach Interns will earn Work Deposit (if involved in winter programs) 15 pts/hr. If not in a winter program, coach interns can earn credit on family fees according to hours worked.
  • End-of-season gift and self-reflection.
  • Letter of Recommendation.