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Mission Statement


To inspire the pursuit of excellence and empower members of our community to achieve their personal goals in athletics and in life through participation in sport.

We support our mission by:

  • Celebrating and leveraging Steamboat’s unparalleled winter sports heritage to instill life-long passion for sports, health, and physical fitness
  • Embracing and mobilizing the resources and participation of our community for the long term benefit of our athletes
  • Providing opportunities through scholarship and financial assistance
  • Cultivating and living a culture of “excellence”, with high academic, athletic, and personal standards
  • Providing first class training and mentoring
  • Delivered by passionate and committed coaches in alignment with our mission and vision,
  • Enabled by competitive and diverse terrain, programs, and facilities
  • Developing the “complete athlete”, both on and off the mountain.


To be the best at producing “champions”, on and off the mountain.

In short, we aspire to develop the “complete” athlete – coaching every individual to achieve their highest level of human and athletic performance – resulting in healthy, contributing members of our community as well as skilled and passionate athletes.

Core Values

Excellence - Attracting, developing and retaining the best coaches and staff to propel our programs, challenging our people and our membership to be committed to establishing goals, pursuing them passionately, and measuring success against them.

Integrity - Grounded in high ethical standards, we promote accountability for delivering on our word, inspiring trust through honesty and taking personal responsibility for our actions in all relationships.

Respect - We treat each other and all with whom we interact with care and mutual respect, recognizing and embracing diversity and individuality.

Dedication - We go “above and beyond” to exceed athlete and parent expectations, promoting the pursuit of continuous improvement and knowledge relating to personal growth and sport, bringing passion, reliability, personal commitment and focus to the achievement of their goals, however they measure success.

Teamwork - We believe that by working toward a common goal, promoting, celebrating and leveraging our legacy and heritage, we can accomplish anything.  We hold ourselves and our athletes to high standards and support each other as members of a high performance team, fostering trust and reliance in a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.