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Education Partners

The SSWSC works closely with local schools to provide a supportive environment where student/athletes can achieve in the classroom as well as on the snow. The balance between academics and athletics is emphasized throughout our programs. Student/athletes at our local schools must maintain academic minimum standards in order to travel or compete during the season, with support offered where students are struggling. The high school options below have specific accommodations to support SSWSC athletes.

Steamboat Mountain School

Steamboat Mountain School

For decades, numerous SSWSC student-athletes have attended Steamboat Mountain School—an independent college-preparatory school with day and boarding opportunities. SSWSC partners with SMS offering a coordinated and world-class educational and athletic experience.

For more details about Steamboat Mountain School and its collaboration with the SSWSC, visit the SMS website or email Pearson Alspach, Upper School Director of Admissions.

Steamboat Springs School District

Steamboat Springs High School is a highly ranked public high school that has been supporting SSWSC student/athletes for decades. For most programs, students register for a “zero” hour class that allows them to start early and finish early so that they can train in the afternoon during the ski season. Core classes are strategically scheduled so that those on a “skier schedule” with early release can get their required coursework done in the mornings. Students have a large selection of AP courses to choose from. It is important for students to register early to get the classes that will work on the “skier schedule”, and students should enroll for the full school year.

For more information about school options for SSWSC athletes, please contact SSWSC Athletic Director Dave Stewart by email or call 970.439.0846.