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Slash and Burn Banked Slalom

The 2020 Slash and Burn Banked Slalom is set for Friday, March 13 & Saturday, March 14th.

Schedule of Events

Friday, March 13th 2020

– Check in, Practice & Age Class Race Day

There is NO ON-SITE registration! Registration is ONLINE ONLY here
8am-5pm in Powder Tools
PRACTICE 9am-9:30am in Bashor Bowl
Groms Boys & Girls 7 & under
Youth Boys & Girls 8-12
Teen Boys & Girls 13-17
• 9:45am start – best of two runs
• 12pm switch race
• 1pm Practice Amateur, Master, Grand Master and Open Class
• 2pm awards at Bashor Pavilion

Entry Fees: $35 – lift tickets NOT included $55 Racer tickets sold at check in

Saturday, March 14th 2020

Adult & Open Class Race Day! Steamboat Resort
*7:30am-9am Check in at Powder Tools
• 8:30am-9:00am 1 run practice for ALL
Amateur Men and Women ages 18-34
Master Men and Women Ages 35+
Grand Master Men 50+
Open Class Men and Women
• 9:15am - 1st run
• 11:30pm - 2nd run
• 2pm - Switch Race $5 cash WINNER TAKES ALL
• 5pm Awards on main stage after concert






• Wear Bib (Tube) on FRONT LEG (depending on regular or goofy) AS PER INSTRUCTIONS AT REGISTRATION! NOTE: If your bib is not in the correct location, the finish will not see your number, not record your time, because we won’t know who you are.
• If, you loose your bib you will get a replacement paper bib.



• We run 2 to 3 racers on the course at a time, DON’T BE LATE FOR YOUR RUN.


Best of two timed runs. First run time will be posted, second run will NOT be posted. SURPRISE
Final results will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Switch Race - $5 CASH at registration or top of the course after 1st run.

DQ NOTE For the second run only DQ’s will be posted. It is your responsibility to check the board for DQ’s whether you think you DQed or not and notify the race director within 30 minutes after your run - after this time there will be no protests.

1. The race will be conducted by the race officials, whose decisions are final. There is no provision for appeals after a final decision. You have 30 minutes after your run to take issue with the race director regarding any timing or DQ questions.

2. The rider should be in the “start area” five minutes before his/her run.

3. The start procedure consists of all racers beginning from a
“Start Area” which will be indicated as such. The rider and the snowboard must be inside the perimeter of the “Start Area” prior to the beginning of the run. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

4. The rider must be on his/her board when crossing the finish line. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

5. The rider must pass through timing eye at the finish line. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Timing eye is located 6 to 20 inches off the ground depending on terrain. In other words, don’t ollie over the finish!

6. Disqualification will also result if:
A. Improper start:
1. Leaving the start before signaled.
2. Not being inside the start at time of the start signal.
B. Missing any gate. You must go between innermost bamboo gates in the race order. Any questions just ask.
C. Unsportsmanlike conduct (You know what that means…)
D. By obstructing other racers during the contest or tripping the finish line at any other time than your run.
E. Any violation of any of our Mountain Policies, Rules, & Laws.
F. Attempting to race while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
G. Reckless behavior or disregard for the safety of others while at the ski area.

7. Your time will be posted at the finish area as quickly as possible. Please do not pester the finish volunteer, as they work very hard to get you accurate times as soon as possible.

8. Go fast!

Any race rules or info changes will be posted at the start area.


Sponsor Packet

1. Download the sponsorship benefits packet and decide which category best suits your needs! 2. Submit your request and payment (full or half) HERE

2020 Race Results