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Junior Coaching

Junior Coach Partner (6th-11th grade)

Junior Coach Partner (6th-11th grade)

The Junior Coach Partner program is for those individuals who are interested in learning more about coaching. This is the most flexible of the junior coaching programs, allowing individuals to dictate the schedule that works best for them. We ask that a Junior Coach Partner provide us with a monthly schedule of availability. The junior coach will be paired with a senior coach for each training session. They may rotate groups during the season to accommodate SSWSC needs.


  • Complete the SSWSS Junior Coach Program Application. The application process is the first step of responsibility and ownership of this program.
  • If coaching on weekends, the junior coach partner will need to obtain an IKON pass on their own.


  • Applicants will be provided with a complimentary Howelsen Hill ski pass.
  • End-of-season gift based on their hour commitment.
  • End of training self-reflection.