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Support SSWSC

The following information outlines opportunities for individual philanthropy. Click the down arrow on the left end of each bar below to see more details.

Annual Support Donate Now

The Club has achieved a unique level of enduring success because of its dedicated team of staff and coaches with real passion for shaping young athletes and mentoring youth and because of the generations of support from businesses and individuals who have made significant personal investments of time, energy, and resources.

Participation in athletics in general, and winter sports, in particular, can be very costly, especially at higher levels of competition involving specialized coaching, equipment and training facilities. The revenue SSWSC receives from program fees only covers 60% of the total program expenses. Additional tax-deductible contributions from individual donors are essential to maintain high quality programs today, and strengthen the club for future generations.

We appreciate all the supporters who sustain us and enable us to remain one of the finest and successful comprehensive winter sports clubs in the nation, and perhaps the world, producing not only Olympic-caliber athletes, but well-rounded individuals who are capable of becoming a vital part of our nation’s educational, cultural and economic future.

You are the key to helping us build on our legacy of cultivating the dreams of children and young adults, and Creating Champions, On and Off the Mountain.

Scholarship Funding Donate Now

Over 1,000 youth and young adults participate in SSWSC programs annually. The impact of these experiences is inspiring, but the overall cost can be prohibitive for some families. Current levels of scholarship funding help cover roughly 25% of athletes’ program fees for families that apply and are eligible for financial assistance. Contributions designated for the Scholarship Program are essential to making SSWSC programs accessible for all athletes.

We hope that every youth who is interested in participating in SSWSC will have access to support needed to do so. The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club is about so much more than just winter athletics. Our programs and coaches provide the building blocks for success in the lives of our athletes and allow them to be the best they can be as athletes and as individuals. This is one of the most important investments we can make in our community and our future.

Athletes requesting financial assistance are required to submit a scholarship application, a copy of the previous year’s Federal 1040 Tax Return from both parents, and a personal financial statement form. A Scholarship Committee, which includes an SSWSC board member and SSWSC senior staff, is responsible for reviewing every scholarship application and allocating available scholarship funds. Program fees vary by discipline. Scholarship awards vary accordingly and are based on each family’s unique circumstances. SSWSC maintains the confidentiality of all submitted information.

Roberts-Gould SSWSC Coaches Endowment Fund Donate Now

Over the last century hundreds of extraordinary individuals have joined the Winter Sports Club as coaches. They teach the technical skills of winter sports, but perhaps more importantly – they teach the kids how to get their heart, mind, body, and all their gear together in the right place, at the right time, over and over again. Through their words and their actions they say, “You are enough.  You can do it. I believe in you!”

More than $500,000 has been contributed by generous donors to establish the Coaches Endowment Fund. The Fund’s investment earnings support SSWSC’s ongoing commitment to attract and retain the most talented, dedicated coaches and mentors to fuel the hope and strength within each young athlete. Additional annual contributions to the Coaches Endowment Fund are needed to help SSWSC keep pace with increasing expenses for wages and health benefits that are now being provided for some of the full-time seasonal coaches.

SSWSC Foundation Endowment Donate Now

The SSWSC Foundation seeks to grow and manage endowment funds that will provide long-term sustainability and opportunity for all Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club children/athletes, coaches and staff.

The SSWSC Foundation currently has assets of over $2.5 million. The Foundation’s assets, investments, and its annual gains are essential to enhance SSWSC programs and to advance the mission by:

  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified coaches, mentors and staff.
  • Providing scholarship funds for qualified families.
  • Facilitating strategic capital improvements in facilities.
  • Ensuring and maintaining safe transportation.
  • Planning future allocations for increased participation.
  • Making annual allocations to support SSWSC operations (5% minimum).

Your participation in achieving the SSWSC Foundation’s fundraising goal of $10 million will dramatically improve the overall experience for all those we serve - the youth, their coaches and our community.

Transportation Safety InitiativeDonate Now

Our fleet of club vehicles is aging and many are in need of replacement.  At the beginning of the 2015-2016 season, the SSWSC owned and operated fourteen 15-passenger vans, most of which exceed 150,000 miles.  These vans are used heavily throughout the year and are driven by our coaches and staff all over the mountains in Colorado, and other parts of the country to transport athletes to training opportunities and competitions.  We have embarked on a Transportation Safety Initiative with a goal of replacing our entire fleet over a 3-year period.  During 2015-2016 we replaced four of our older vans with 2 newer vans and 2 Ford Flex vehicles.  Over the next 3 years, we are seeking to replace the remaining 9 vehicles, which will require an annual net cost of approximately 75,000.  Your multi-year commitment, together with other sources, would help us significantly toward achieving this important goal to help ensure the safety of our coaches and athletes.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Opportunity for Contributors

Colorado tax payers are allowed to receive a credit on their Colorado state income taxes equal to 25% of contributions of $250 or more to the SSWSC Foundation. Both individuals and corporations are eligible for this state tax credit. The maximum credit allowed is $100,000 per year.  For more information contact:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-879-0695, x115 or by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)