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Cross Country U16/U18/U20, ages 14-19

This program offers a comprehensive level of training for motivated athletes who love the sport and want to pursue their top potential in cross country ski racing. Each participant works with his/her coach to develop an annual training plan and goals. They should exhibit a high level of dedication to their sport. Skiers compete in local, regional, national, and in some cases, international competitions. SSHS students should sign up for the “0” hour school schedule to line up with weekday training times.

*Note: Under the new annual program fee structure, the full amount paid for spring/summer training will be applied as a deposit toward competitive-level winter programs. Under this pricing structure summer program fees will become eligible for the SSWSC EZ Scholarship, just as all winter program fees have been in the past. This will expand the scholarship opportunities for families that qualify for EZ Scholarship, making SSWSC programs more affordable. Credit for summer program fees will be applied to fall/winter program fees when fall/winter registration is processed.

  • Minimum skiing requirement: Some XC skiing is desirable, but not mandatory. There have been successful XC athletes who began skiing in high school
  • Equipment requirements: Cross country ski equipment for classic and skate on snow and complementary roller ski equipment for dry land training
  • Competition information: Participants compete in Rocky Mountain Nordic (RMN) Junior National Qualifiers, Junior National championships (by qualification) and other events including Senior National Championships, Super Tour events and Super Tour Finals, if deemed appropriate.
  • Licensing requirements: Participants will need a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Competitor Membership. RMN membership is a required add on to the USSS membership and is automatically added on to USSS Membership Annual Fee. Possible FIS license depending on competition plan.


August 24 to April 2


Through early November
T-F 2:45–5:30pm @ HH
Sa 9:00am–12:30pm @ HH


On-snow training typically begins early November

T-F 2:45–5:30pm @ HH or other
Sa 9:00am–12:30pm @ HH or other

PROGRAM FEE: $6,800* +$500 work deposit
Non-resident price: $8,500* +$500 work deposit

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