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U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s 2018 Alpine Club of the Year and Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Club of the Year

Steamboat Springs, CO (May 1, 2018): Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) has been named the 2018 Alpine Club of the Year and Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Club of the Year by U.S. Ski & Snowboard.  These programs are run by SSWSC Alpine Director Adam Chadbourne, and Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Director Todd Wilson. SSWSC Athletic Director Jon Nolting stated “I’m very proud of our coaching staff in Alpine, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined for their extra effort this year to host world class events without sacrificing the quality of their coaching and training for their athletes. This is also a testament to the great athletes and families that are in these programs; they are engaged and support the club and each other. The recognition goes well beyond results.”

In 2017 the SSWSC was awarded “Club of the Year” by U.S. Ski & Snowboard, as well as named Alpine Club of the Year, Snowboarding Club of the Year, and Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined Club of the Year.  SSWSC executive director Jim Boyne stated, “The SSWSC appreciates the continued recognition by U.S. Ski & Snowboard for excellence in Alpine and Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined, as well as its recognition that the investments made by the SSWSC and its venue partners to winter and summer facilities have led to increased athletic performance, training quality and overall satisfaction of our members. I continue to be impressed by the commitment and passion of our staff, coaches, parents, community supporters and venue partners who come together to create something uniquely special for our athletes here in the Yampa Valley” said Boyne.

SSWSC and Steamboat were represented at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang by 15 Olympians, who were honored and celebrated at the Olympian Send-Off held at the Steamboat Ski Area in January. “It is fitting during an Olympic year that SSWSC’s programs continue to reach new heights. We congratulate the Winter Sports Club on receiving back-to-back Club of the Year awards in Alpine and Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined,” said Rob Perlman, president and COO of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp.  “We’re incredibly proud to be a part of supporting SSWSC’s success, and it is very gratifying for us to see our partnership with the club provide tangible and meaningful benefits to their athletes and families.”

USSA president and CEO, Tiger Shaw, stated that that “[the SSWSC Alpine] on-hill staff is one of the hardest working groups of people on the mountain. They’ve created an environment rich in high performance, fun and passion. Athletes at every age and level feel they are a part of the team and are improving by leaps and bounds.”  Speaking of the SSWSC’s Ski Jumping / Nordic Combined program, Tiger noted that “SSWSC set a new internal record this year for number of athletes in the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined program under the leadership of Todd Wilson, and they are our largest club in the country. [Their] results show how much SSWSC is doing for women’s Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined in the United States.”

The awards will be presented to the SSWSC on May 3rd in Park City, Utah at the USSA Congress annual Chairman’s Awards Dinner.

The SSWSC seeks to “Create Champions, on and off the Mountain” and provides year-round training and youth development to approximately 1,000 athletes every year in the disciplines of Alpine, Cross Country, Freestyle, Freeskiing, Nordic Combined, Special Jumping, Telemark, Snowboard Freestyle, Alpine Snowboarding, Strength and Conditioning, Cycling, and Skateboarding. Serving tens of thousands of youth for more than a century, the club is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in North America, producing 96 Olympians with 166 Olympic appearances.  Information and registration information is available online at