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Cross Country Post Grad

All SSWSC programs are subject to change due to Covid-19. Program start and end dates, times, schedules, and structure may be adjusted. If necessary, programs may be interrupted or cancelled. We will communicate any changes to all families who have registered.


Cross Country Post Grad (ages 18 and older)

This program is designed for motivated athletes taking time off between high school and college to pursue competitive cross country skiing at the highest level.  Athletes have up to two years to train and compete before they begin to impact their NCAA eligibility. Athletes in the Post Grad program have the opportunity to further their education by taking classes at Colorado Mountain College (CMC) and/or to find employment in Steamboat Springs.

Minimum skiing requirement: Participants in this program should be accomplished XC racers and can expect to compete in regional, national and potentially international competitions.

Equipment requirements: Cross country ski equipment for classic and skate and roller ski equipment for dryland (classic and skate)

Trail pass information: Purchase a Youth Premier Valley Pass

Competition information: Participants compete in Rocky Mountain Nordic (RMN) Junior National Qualifiers, Junior National championships (by qualification) and other events including Senior National Championships, Super Tour events and Super Tour Finals, if deemed appropriate.

Licensing requirements: Participants will need a U.S. Ski & Snowboard Competitor Membership and a FIS Competitor License. RMN membership is a required add on to the USSS membership.


August 25 to April 4


T, Th 9:00-11:00am (as appropriate)

T-F 2:45–5:30pm @ HH

Sa 9:00am–12:30pm @ HH


T, Th 9–11am (as appropriate)

T-F 2:30–5:30pm @ HH or other

Sa 9am–12:30 @ HH or other


Non-resident price: $6,680

For more information on Work Deposits & Charitable Contributions click here.