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Exciting Week Unfolds for U16 Alpine Team in the Rocky Central Junior Championships in Vail

Exciting Week Unfolds for U16 Alpine Team in the U16 Rocky Central Junior Championships in Vail
Amidst the pristine slopes of Vail, the U16 Alpine team recently embarked on a thrilling journey of competition and camaraderie at the U16 Alpine Rocky Central Junior Championships, March 14-18, 2024. Hosted by the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, the stage was set for a week of exhilarating races across various disciplines, from downhill to slalom, including an alpine combined.

Under the guidance of coaches Ben Brown and Ann West, a talented cohort of athletes showcased their prowess on the snow, chasing for victory and aiming to secure coveted spots for the upcoming U16 Alpine Nationals. Among them were six SSWSC athletes: Logan Grosdidier, Caley Goforth, Bella Fisher, Rewani Shrestha, Schuyler Biglow, and Koda Kiser.  Matthew Kafka, unfortunately, had qualified for the championship events but had to withdraw due to an injury.

The competition was fierce throughout the series, and the weather remained impeccable, complementing the meticulously prepared venue and fostering an environment conducive to fair play and remarkable performances. Logan Grosdidier emerged as a force to be reckoned with, clinching victory in four events and securing a commendable 2nd place finish in the Downhill. Meanwhile, Bella Fisher and Caley Goforth engaged in a captivating duel, consistently challenging each other’s limits and displaying remarkable skill and determination.

Not to be outdone, Rewani Shrestha showcased her resilience, delivering a stellar performance in the Slalom, despite facing an unfortunate setback on the final run. Koda Kiser and Schuyler Biglow also exhibited commendable grit and consistency throughout the week, rising to the occasion and leaving an indelible mark on the competition. (Detailed results for each individual are listed below).

After the series concluded, athletes were also recognized in the overall standings, with Logan Grosdidier leading the women’s competition by an impressive 120 points, securing yet another gold. Caley and Bella earned well-deserved top 10 overall placements, while Rewani finished with a solid 23rd position. On the men’s side, Koda finished 23rd and Schuyler was 27th, further affirming the team’s collective talent and dedication.

Based on each athlete’s two best results, the Rocky/Central regional team was announced to attend the U16 Nationals, set to take place from March 31st to April 4th in Vail, CO.  Three SSWSC athletes, Logan Grosdidier, Caley Goforth, and Bella Fisher, were selected to compete on the national stage and showcase once again their skill and strength of character at the U16 Alpine National Championships in Vail on March 31-April 4, 2024.

Despite the challenges and intensity of the races, each athlete exhibited unwavering dedication and sportsmanship, pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones and embracing the spirit of competition with unwavering tenacity. As they reflect on their achievements and the invaluable experiences gained on the slopes of Vail, one thing remains certain, these young athletes have left an indelible impression, poised to continue their ascent in the alpine skiing world.

Women’s Results:
Downhill: 2nd Logan Grosdidier, 4th Caley Goforth, 11th Bella Fisher, 22nd Rewani Shrestha

Super-G: 1st Logan Grosdidier, 5th Bella Fisher, 7th Caley Goforth, 24th Rewani Shrestha

Alpine Combined: 1st Logan Grosdidier, 5th Caley Goforth, 8th Bella Fisher, 17th Rewani Shrestha

Giant Slalom: 1st Logan Grosdidier, 18th Rewani Shrestha

Slalom: 1st Logan Grosdidier, 7th Bella Fisher, 8th Caley Goforth

Overall Results: 1st Logan Grosdidier, 6th Caley Goforth, 8th Bella Fisher, 23rd Rewani Shrestha

Men’s Results:
Downhill: 21st Koda Kiser, 35th Schuyler Biglow

Super-G: 26th Koda Kiser, 32nd Schuyler Biglow

Alpine Combined: 23rd Koda Kiser, 28th Schuyler Biglow

Giant Slalom: 18th Schuyler Biglow, 23rd Koda Kiser

Slalom: 17th Koda Kiser, 18th Schuyler Biglow

Overall Results: 22nd Koda Kiser, 27th Schuler Biglow

Women’s Overall Podium: 1st Logan Grosdidier (SSWSC), 2nd Mari Renick (SSCV), 3rd Katie McDonald (SSCV), 4th Lara Huml (SSCV), 5th Elodie Olsen (SUM), 6th Caley Goforth (SSWSC), 7th Nadia Leunig (SUM), 8th Bella Fisher (SSWSC), 9th Lauren Hopkins (SSCV), 10th Anabelle Zurbay (SSCV). Photo: Ann West

SSWSC athletes attending the U16 R/C Championships in Vail (From Left, top): Logan Grosdidier, Bella Fisher, Caley Goforth, Rewani Shrestha, Schuyler Biglow and Koda Kiser.  Photo: Ann West

Women’s Alpine Combined Podium: 1st Logan Grosdidier (SSWSC), 2nd Lara Huml (SSCV), 3rd Katie McDonald (SSCV), 4th Mari Renick (SSCV), 5th Caley Goforth (SSWSC), 6th Nadia Leunig (SUM), 7th Elodie Olsen (SUM), 8th Bella Fisher (SSWSC), 9th Anabelle Zurbay (SSCV), 10th Lauren Hopkins (SSCV). Photo: Ann West

Women’s Slalom Podium: 1st Logan Grosdidier (SSWSC), 2nd Lara Huml (SSCV), 3rd Katie McDonald (SSCV), 4th Mari Renick (SSCV), 5th Nadia Leunig (SUM), 6th Palmer Ulvestad (SSCV), 7th Bella Fisher (SSWSC), 8th Caley Goforth (SSWSC), 9th Mackenzie Cross (SUM), 10th Lauren Hopkins (SSCV). Photo: Ann West