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Devo Freeski Part Time, grades 4-6

Devo Freeski Part Time, grades 4-6

The Devo Freeski Part-Time Program is perfect for skiers who have yet to decide their specific area of interest or those not fully committed to competition. This program builds upon skills from the U10 programs while exploring diverse skiing areas, including slopestyle, halfpipe, big mountain, moguls, and more. This program focuses less on competition and more on developing a love for the sport and discovering your potential. It’s an ideal starting point for those wishing to experience the breadth of skiing, grow their skills, and find their passion.  Competition experiences will be available to this group at events held locally, and take advantage of the one-day competition pass for the different events.

DEVO Free includes competition options that prioritize events hosted here in Steamboat. Skiers are encouraged to participate in the Steamboat Cup Series. Athletes interested in a more competitive experience can participate in one USASA slopestyle, halfpipe, and rail jam event and/or IFSA big mountain event each, along with one opportunity to travel to one additional event. Each discipline, USASA Park/Pipe, and IFSA Big Mountain require separate memberships, and we will discuss which ones each athlete will need at the start of the season.  This program is scheduled for three days a week on snow.  At this age and stage, it is our goal to help create a love for the sport and a love for the process of improving!

  • Minimum skiing requirement: Must be able to ski blue/black runs confidently with an interest in skiing across the whole mountain.
  • Equipment requirements: Alpine ski equipment and helmet. USASA/IFSA participants should have twin-tip skis. Back protector required for IFSA competitions and recommended for training and USASA but not required.
  • Season pass information: Must have ski passes to Steamboat Ski Resort and Howelsen Hill
  • Competition information: SSWSC will choose selected events from the USASA (halfpipe and slopestyle) and IFSA (big mountain) competition series that will be staffed. For USASA there will be a Slopestyle event available to travel to, and Ikon Resort along with our home Rail Jam and Half Pipe events, and for IFSA our home event will be offered for competition options. 
  • Confirmation on our home events are subject to change and we will offer other options for competitions if needed. 
  • Licensing requirements: Skiers do not need a license for the Steamboat Ski Cup Series, but a USASA license is required for USASA slopestyle and halfpipe competitions and an IFSA license is required for Big Mountain events. One-competition passes are available for both organizations. The full license is not needed in Devo Part-Time.

2023-2024 DATES, TIMES AND LOCATIONS: October 11 – March 23

Dryland: October 11 - November 10
Wednesday and Friday, 4:00-5:30pm at Howelsen Hill for field workout (if weather is poor we will have at least one team building activity throughout the week indoors).

Check out the September Ramps add-on for additional water ramp training going into the winter season (weather permitting).

On-Snow:  November 27 - March 23
Monday, 4:15-6:15pm at Howelsen Hill
Friday, 4:15-6:15pm at Howelsen Hill
Saturday, 8:30am-2:30pm at Steamboat Resort

2023-2024 PROGRAM FEE: $3,150 plus $300 refundable work deposit

Visit our Scholarship page for information on program fee scholarships, including the one-step EZ Scholarship.

For information on the SSWSC work deposit program, see the Volunteer page.

Email Andy Michnay, Freeskiing Program Director

Andy Michnay