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Ways to Give

As the philanthropic arm of the club, the Foundation raises funds that enable the club to fulfill its mission to create champions on and off the mountain by developing life skills and providing growth opportunities through participation in sports.  As always, you may specify where you would like us to direct your gift.  Whether you are passionate about supporting SSWSC programs TODAY, priority projects for TOMORROW, or endowed funds to ensure that the club thrives FOREVER, the SSWSC Foundation will put your generosity to work, “Creating Champions On and Off the Mountain.”

Where to Give

There are many opportunities for individual philanthropy with the SSWSC. Click the down arrow on the left end of each bar below for details.

Annual Support Donate Now

The Club has achieved a unique level of enduring success because of its dedicated team of staff and coaches with real passion for shaping young athletes and mentoring youth and because of the generations of support from businesses and individuals who have made significant personal investments of time, energy, and resources.

Participation in athletics in general, and winter sports, in particular, can be very costly, especially at higher levels of competition involving specialized coaching, equipment and training facilities. The revenue SSWSC receives from program fees only covers 60% of the total program expenses. Additional tax-deductible contributions from individual donors are essential to maintain high quality programs today, and strengthen the club for future generations.

We appreciate all the supporters who sustain us and enable us to remain one of the finest and successful comprehensive winter sports clubs in the nation, and perhaps the world, producing not only Olympic-caliber athletes, but well-rounded individuals who are capable of becoming a vital part of our nation’s educational, cultural and economic future.

You are the key to helping us build on our legacy of cultivating the dreams of children and young adults, and Creating Champions, On and Off the Mountain.

Scholarship Funding Donate Now

Over 1,000 youth and young adults participate in SSWSC programs annually. The impact of these experiences is inspiring, but the overall cost can be prohibitive for some families. Current levels of scholarship funding help cover roughly 25% of athletes’ program fees for families that apply and are eligible for financial assistance. Contributions designated for the Scholarship Program are essential to making SSWSC programs accessible for all athletes.

We hope that every youth who is interested in participating in SSWSC will have access to support needed to do so. The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club is about so much more than just winter athletics. Our programs and coaches provide the building blocks for success in the lives of our athletes and allow them to be the best they can be as athletes and as individuals. This is one of the most important investments we can make in our community and our future.

Athletes requesting financial assistance are required to submit a scholarship application, a copy of the previous year’s Federal 1040 Tax Return from both parents, and a personal financial statement form. A Scholarship Committee, which includes an SSWSC board member and SSWSC senior staff, is responsible for reviewing every scholarship application and allocating available scholarship funds. Program fees vary by discipline. Scholarship awards vary accordingly and are based on each family’s unique circumstances. SSWSC maintains the confidentiality of all submitted information.

Roberts-Gould SSWSC Coaches Endowment Fund Donate Now

Over the last century hundreds of extraordinary individuals have joined the Winter Sports Club as coaches. They teach the technical skills of winter sports, but perhaps more importantly – they teach the kids how to get their heart, mind, body, and all their gear together in the right place, at the right time, over and over again. Through their words and their actions they say, “You are enough. You can do it. I believe in you!”

More than $500,000 has been contributed by generous donors to establish the Coaches Endowment Fund. The Fund’s investment earnings support SSWSC’s ongoing commitment to attract and retain the most talented, dedicated coaches and mentors to fuel the hope and strength within each young athlete.

Assisting Champion Endeavors (ACE) Donate Now

Steamboat Springs is a special place, where hundreds of kids set off to ski or snowboard with Olympic dreams, hoping to follow in the footsteps of their Olympic hero who may live just down the street. The energy is magical at Howelsen Hill each weeknight as jumpers, skiers and snowboarders of all different disciplines share the slopes, laughing, smiling, and working to become better. For some, those Olympic dreams get closer and closer to a reality as their training and hard work propel them to the best of their group. At this point, unfortunately, the Olympic dream can become an Olympic-sized nightmare for many families. Travel, specialized equipment, invitations to events and training projects overseas are important and necessary opportunities for the athletes to continue toward their dreams, but the costs simply cannot be supported by their families. Suddenly the dreams are in a precarious balance – how much time can the athlete invest in securing funds to continue on their journey before it comes at the expense of putting in the training required to make the jump from the club to the national team and beyond. A mistake here can jeopardize all the work leading up to this point. The financial stress can put the athlete at a disadvantage.

It would be a terrible shame for our Steamboat athletes to have worked so hard for so long, only to find they were on a road to nowhere, working toward a destination that was not in their reach due to finances. This scholarship fund tells our athletes and their families if you work hard, sacrifice and dedicate yourself to success in your sport, we will help to make sure you can get to the top regardless of how well off you are.

The ACE program can overcome this challenge by providing support that will be ready at the time when these select few athletes need it the most and at a time their career depends on it. The scholarship will provide funding for those essential training and competition opportunities and special equipment needs such that athletes and their families can make smart decisions guided by their coaches rather than their wallets. This is an opportunity reserved for only the best ranked athletes using criteria that mirror those for the national team and Olympic qualification.

SSWSC Foundation Endowment Donate Now

The SSWSC Foundation seeks to grow and manage endowment funds that will provide long-term sustainability and opportunity for all Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club children/athletes, coaches and staff.

The SSWSC Foundation currently has assets of more than $5,000,000. The Foundation’s assets, investments, and its annual gains are essential to enhance SSWSC programs and to advance the mission by:

  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified coaches, mentors and staff.
  • Providing scholarship funds for qualified families.
  • Facilitating strategic capital improvements in facilities.
  • Ensuring and maintaining safe transportation.
  • Planning future allocations for increased participation.
  • Making annual allocations to support SSWSC operations (5% minimum).

Your participation in achieving the SSWSC Foundation’s fundraising goal of $10 million will dramatically improve the overall experience for all those we serve - the youth, their coaches and our community.

How to Give

Payment Options

Make a Secure Online Payment

Mail in a Check
Send your check to:
SSWSC - ATTN: Development
PO Box 774487
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Make a Wire Transfer Donation:
Electronic transfer of funds for your contribution can be made through the Yampa Valley Bank account held by the SSWSC Foundation. Please contact us for wire transfer instructions:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-439-0860 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Amy Burkholder, Director of Finance
970-439-0848 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you prefer to make your contribution to the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club in person, you can drop it off at the SSWSC Administrative Offices on the second floor of Howelsen Lodge, 845 Howelsen Hill Pkwy, Steamboat Springs. Office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday in the winter, and 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday in the summer. If you have questions or need directions, please call 970-879-0695.

Gifts of Stocks & Securities

Electronic or depository trust company (DTC) transfer of stock through a broker can be made through our Fidelity Investments account held by The Foundation, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.
Delivery Instructions for in-kind securities:
Fidelity Investments
DTC 0226
Account name:  Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Foundation
Account number: 636576254
Please inform us of the details of the intended stock transfer, including:

  • Donor name(s)
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Stock name, symbol, and number of shares
  • Sending broker’s name and contact information
  • Intended timing of the transfer
  • Donor’s designation for the funds (unrestricted, scholarship, capital campaign, endowment or other)
  • Donor’s preference for recognition on SSWSC’s lists of supporters (by family name, first and last, business name, anonymous or other)

Upon receipt of the details noted above, SSWSC will advise our broker of the pending transfer, confirm when it has been completed, and acknowledge the gift appropriately. The Foundation, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club’s Federal Tax ID is 74-2254732.

For more information or questions, contact:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-439-0860 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Amy Burkholder, Director of Finance
970-439-0848 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Planned Giving

Join the SSWSC Legacy Society:

Are you interested in supporting the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club but feel overwhelmed by the thought of writing another check or giving up your assets today? A simple, flexible and versatile way to ensure that we can continue to advance the mission for years to come is a planned gift through your will, trust or estate plan.

Learn more today about planned giving for the future.

Employer Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please contact your employer’s Human Resources or Payroll Department. Your employer will be able to advise you on specifics of their program and provide you with the necessary document(s).

Tribute & Memorial Gifts

If you have been personally inspired by a particular coach, or if a loved one values(ed) the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club mission and programs, making a tribute or memorial gift is a great way to honor your coach or loved one. A tribute or memorial gift can be an especially meaningful gesture on a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. Your contribution will be a lasting tribute to these important people in your life, and will have a positive impact for SSWSC’s mission and young athletes today and for the next generation. Please contact us with details about your communication preferences regarding your gift:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-439-0860 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Other Ways to Give

Donated Goods & Services - Your tax-deductible donation of in-kind items or services can directly support the SSWSC mission and allow us to operate our programs and administrative offices more cost effectively. Please contact us prior to making any gift of goods or services so we may ensure that your contribution can be used most effectively and is acknowledged appropriately:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-439-0860 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Donate Through your Shopping

Amazon Smile: Now you can support SSWSC when you shop online at Amazon, at no cost to you! Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Foundation Inc if you select us from the list!

Here’s what to do:

  • Create a profile here.
  • Choose “SSWSC Foundation Inc” from the list of available non-profits.
  • Shop away at AmazonSmile.

City Market: Each individual card holders can now enroll their Value Card online HERE and choose the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (Organization # 10403) to benefit from their individual spending.

Thank you for your support!

Volunteer - If you prefer to be more directly involved in supporting SSWSC programs, events, and athletes, consider exploring the wide range of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.  We will work with you to find a rewarding role or project that best utilizes your skillset and interests.  By contributing your time and talent for a few hours, a few days, or a season, you’ll help create champions, on and off the mountain.

Other Ideas? If you prefer to donate to the SSWSC Foundation in another way (e.g. Providing matching gift funds to inspire others, program specific giving, event sponsorship, or planned giving etc.) please contact:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-439-0860 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Opportunity for Contributors
Colorado taxpayers may be allowed to receive a credit on their Colorado state income taxes equal to 25% of contributions of $250 or more to the SSWSC Foundation. Both individuals and corporations are eligible for this state tax credit. The maximum credit allowed is $100,000 per year.  For more information contact:

Ellen Campbell, Director of Development
970-439-0860 or by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)