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Club News

Coach Jeff Thomsen is Promoted to Senior Teams Sports Performance Coach

SSWSC and Director of Sports Performance Sady Carelli are excited to announce the expansion of the Sports Performance Department. Coach Jeff Thomsen has been elevated to Senior Teams Sports Performance Coach. Jeff has been working with SSWSC for over two years, contributing to the success of many athletes’ overall sports performance. He will now provide year-round strength and conditioning training and support competitive athletes on the snowboard, freestyle/moguls, and freeski teams and will continue to work with the alpine team.

Meet Coach Jeff Thomsen
Jeff Thomsen is a dedicated and passionate professional with an elite background in Olympic weightlifting, personal training, and return from injury progressions. With a relentless drive to learn, Jeff has embraced on-snow sports, bringing the same dedication and enthusiasm to the slopes. He currently is certified PSIA, and USSA Level 100 alpine and freestyle and is continuing to expand his certifications. Jeff combines expertise in strength and conditioning with a fresh perspective on winter sports. He is committed to helping athletes reach their full potential, pushing boundaries, and inspiring excellence every step of the way. Jeff has been working with the SSWSC alpine team for the past two years, and we are beyond excited to expand his expertise throughout our competitive-level programs.

SSWSC Sports Performance Department Expansion
Under the leadership of Sady Carelli, Director of Sports Performance, the expansion of the SSWSC Sports Performance Department and the broadening of Jeff Thomsen’s responsibilities will bring consistent and reliable training in the off-season and a closer pulse on in-season training and maintenance for our competitive-level athletes. A part of this role will be on-hill with the athletes, creating a closer connection to training on and off the snow. Jeff’s contributions, such as implementing proper warm-up routines, on-hill coach support, and a supportive role in managing injury reduction, over-training, and competition schedules throughout the season, will greatly benefit each program. Our sport coaches will work with Jeff in a hybrid fashion to learn from one another, support, and implement best practices for our athletes.

Please join us in congratulating Coach Jeff.