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Club News

Athlete News, September 2, 2021


This past weekend the Enduro Racers headed out to Snowmass for the final Revolution Enduro stop.  This stop was a race and also for the overall win.  The Revolution series is an Enduro series that has 3 stops in the State of Colorado.  This serves as a building block for beginners to race Enduro. 

At the Snowmass Stop, the ride encompassed thousands of vertical feet of descending. This lift serviced, two day, gravity-filled Enduro is a blast that is a crowd favorite.  SSWSC supported 7 Racers, 6 of these racers competed in the Steamboat Enduro series as well. Unfortunately,  The Eagle Enduro was canceled due to smoke.  Non-the-Less, SSWSC still had 5 overall point winners in the series!

Caleb Haack: Finished 1st with a time 34:19.16 - Over all series winner 1st (17-18)
Keegan Millen: Finished 7th with a time 37:14.40 (First ever Enduro Race) (17-18)
Aiden Haack: Finished 7th with a time 37:48.42 - Overall Series Place 3rd (15-16)
Sal Malone: Finished 10th with a time 38:26.16. (15-16)
Jett Nemec: Finished 2nd with a time 38:28.99 - Overall Series Winner 1st.(13-14)
Mary McLarnon Finished 1st with a time 40:53.13 -Overall seriess Winner 1st (13-18)
Robbie Wodnik: Finished 1st with a time 33:01.03 - OVerall Series Winner 1st (10-12)

This Revolution Enduro Series consisted of 7 Stages.  Day one was Stages 1-4.  Day 2 was Stages 5-7 - Stages 4 and 7 are considered “Old School World Cup Downhill Courses,” which means straight downhill with some rowdy drops and blind turns.  This made for a great finish to each day as well as some great racing. 

The chatter around the venue was that “those Steamboat SSWSC racers are Really Fast, and so very nice.”  It was exciting to have a great showing and for everyone to finish the race.  No one had any major machinal issues and the only wrecks that happened were primarily off of the timed courses (so no time was lost).  Our weekend Motto (which is a barrowed motto ) of, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” helped all of the racers ride smooth and finish each stage.

We look forward to the next summer of racing all the races and with more friends on bikes!

SSWSC Mountain Bike Devo Head Coach Sam House represented the SSWSC in this weekend’s 24Hr ‘Boat Cruise Bike Ride, a fundraiser for Integrated Community. Sam ended up doing the most laps for any individual (16) with 170 miles and Theo Givnish, age 8 did the most laps for a child (7). Sam represented SSWSC as a solo effort with company from the High School MTB Team and Cycling Director Blair Seymour throughout the night and the next day.