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Club News

Athlete News, September 9th, 2016


A big thanks for everyone’s help repairing the water ramps throughout the summer - Joe Tater-Brown helping with the pump and finally getting that running perfectly.
Also, thanks to Pink Floyd, Eric Friese, Tony, Bridget and Lars for the adjustment of the water ramp transition last week. It was a fun and interesting job that made a world of difference!
Congratulations to Kenzie Radway and Xander Tater-Brown for qualifying their back flips, (tuck position), this fall. They will be working on them this winter which is an exciting step in their athletic processes!
The High Performance Team will be coming back from a 3 week training camp in Australia where they made nice progress in their technical skiing and jumping. They will resume water ramping after a short break throughout the month of September.

Nordic Combined

I was fortunate this past week and a half to lead a group of juniors over to Germany to compete in the FIS Youth Cup.  The athletes were Annika Belshaw, Erik Belshaw and Canden Wilkinson.  Our first stop in Germany was to Breitenberg (Rastbuch) where we trained on a newly rebuilt HS75.  We met a group of juniors from the Czech Republic and were able to train with them. In Breitenberg we also had a great roller ski loop which had easy loops to more advanced loops. It was a great experience for the athletes to ski on such an advanced loops.

After Breitenberg we moved onto Oberstdorf for the FIS Youth Cup and where we met up with the USA Nordic Ski Team.  We also had Niklas Malacinski and Stephen Schumann join our group.  Niklas would be competing for the third time in the FIS Youth Cup and Stephen had been in Europe training with the USA Nordic Development team.

Overall, the Youth Cup had 108 competitors with a wide range of ages.  The competition was very tight since some of the athletes were on the Grand Prix level.  I am very proud of how all our athletes jumped and raced.  My athletes were excited to jump a new hill and compete on the HS60.  For the skate races there were two different races.  The first race was in downtown Oberstdorf and the kids raced through the streets with spectators lining the streets cheering them on.  Our second race was at the cross-country venue near the ski flying hill.  Everyone had a blast and enjoyed the experience. 

The results:  Stephen Schumann was our top athlete in his group placing 8th and 6th place.  Annika Belshaw placed 17th and 12th in the girls group.  Niklas Makacinski placed 27th and 23rd.  Canden Wilkinson placed 32nd and 33rd.  Our youngest competitor at age 12 was Erik Belshaw placed 35th and 40th.

On behalf of the athletes and myself we want to put out a huge thank you to the USA NORDIC and NNF for all your help and support on this trip. We wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without your support.  BIG THANKS TO BOTH GROUPS!
-Coach Garrett Fisk


This week, U14+ Alpine began their dryland training to prep for the upcoming winter racing season! Workouts led the kids up to the quarry after teams of 3 relayed backpacks full of rocks through brush and sidehills! Athletes also utilized our ski jumps as training grounds for visualization, jumping, and coordination training. The coaches and athletes are very excited about the dryland training to come, as next week they venture out to Bald Eagle Lake to conquer the water ramps! Go SSWSC!