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Athlete News, March 12, 2021

Nordic Combined

The USA Nordic Junior Championships are in progress!

Read the results below:
Individual Special Jumping Results
Individual Nordic Combined Results
Team Jump Results


The SSWSC moguls team is nearing the end of a whirlwind season, concluding with Junior Nationals in Park City this weekend and U.S. Nationals in Snowbird the week of March 22.

It’s been a year of firsts for the U19 and U17 competitors. Xander Tatar-Brown, Chris Stone, Ella Walker, Katie McLaughlin and Anabel Ayad all got their first taste of international competition in an FIS Open event in Deer Valley in mid-February.

“I was really impressed and proud of them with how well they handled the pressure,” head coach Ann Battelle said. “It’s not like they were going into it to win, but it’s scary when you see the bright yellow Kazahkstan uniforms and the Canadians and Great Britain. It’s just different.”

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U14 Rocky Championships

Logan Grosdidier and Abby Olson carried some momentum this week in the U14 Rocky Championships, taking home medals in each event! Congratulations to these to athletes for their incredible achievements!

The U14 Rocky Championships are a qualifying event, putting the fastest and best athletes in the age group within the region (there are twenty states included in the Rocky/Central Region- this year due to Covid, this event was reduced to just a ROCKY region of 8 states, but the difficulty level of qualifying was just as difficult as traditional years when the race is combined for Rocky/Central athletes.) Qualifying alone is a HUGE achievement for these young racers and sets the bar high, giving athletes the chance to compete with the best in their age group. We are proud to have had the following boys and girls qualify: Abby Olson, Kat Cosby, Hazel Fernley, Anna Rhodes, Merritt Flanigan, Caley Goforth, Bella Fisher, Kinsley Jacobson, Logan Grosdidier, Adrian Beauregard, Caman Beauregard, Cole Contois, Nicholas Bradford, Willem Bradford, Owen Wither, Kade Lawton, Ashton Roth

Boys results to come!

U14 Rocky Championships @ Vail March 8th-9th - Girls

SG Race
2nd Logan Grosdidier
3rd Abby Olson
17th Kat Cosby

GS Race 1
3rd Logan Grosdidier
4th Abby Olson

GS Race 2
2nd Abby Olson
3rd Logan Grosdidier
12th Kat Cosby

SL Race 1
1st Logan Grosdidier
2nd Abby Olson
9th Bella Fisher
12th Hazel Fernley
14th Caley Goforth
16th Kinsley Jacobson

Sl Race 2
2nd Logan Grosdidier
3rd Abby Olson
13th Bella Fisher

Overall Results
2nd Logan Grosdidier
3rd Abby Olson