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Club News

Athlete News, April 8, 2022


The SSWSC qualified 8 Alpine athletes to the 2022 U16 Alpine Nationals in Sugarloaf, Maine- April 2-6. Katherina Cosby, Mollie McTigue, Abby Olson, Noelle Roth, Adrian Beauregard, Caman Beauregard, Caspian Troan and Curtis Zanni. After two years of not having U16 Nationals due to the pandemic, the athletes were excited to finally test their skills on the National stage! While in Sugarloaf the racers were treated to great racing conditions and weather. The snow surface was very icy, and the challenging Narrow Guage racing trail was the same one used to host the US Alpine Championships and Nor Am Finals the previous two weeks.

The Steamboat athletes and coaches worked as a team with the entire Rocky/Central Regional Team of 34 athletes and 8 coaches. The remaining athletes in the competition represented the Eastern and Western Regions of the country. The athletes competed for Individual Titles in the Super-G, Giant Slalom, Slalom and Skills Quest Competition and in the Team Parallel Event. In the end the Rocky/Central Region took the Overall for earing the most points by a Region by a commanding margin. Points are accumulated by athletes achieving top 10 finishes. The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Skiers racked up some big results. Most notably on the Women’s side, the Steamboat Ladies skiers won all 3 of the Traditional(not including Skills Quest) events of SG, GS and SL, and the Overall Individual Title!

The Overall is given to the skier with the most world cup points from the Super-G, GS, SL and Skillsquest competition. A season of hard work cumulated this week in an overall U16 NATIONAL TITLE for SSWSC’s Abby Olson, who stood on the overall podium with teammates Mollie McTigue in third overall, and Noelle Roth rounding off the top five with a fifth place finish. CONGRATULATIONS! These are incredible results with Abby gaining national recognition, and all three ladies showing the progress the SSWSC Alpine training programs have made in recent years that have combined with athletes’ hard work and dedication to result in head-turning achievements!

SG: 1st Mollie, 4th Abby, 9th Noelle and 45th Kat
GS:  1st Mollie, 4th Noelle, 6th Abby and 25th Kat
SL:  1st Abby, 3rd Noelle, 21st Kat and 22nd Mollie
SkillsQuest: 4th Abby, 5th Noelle, 18th Kat and 20th Mollie
OVERALL: 1st Abby, 3rd Mollie, 5th Noelle and 31st Kat

SG: 4th Caman, 5th Adrian
GS: 8th Caspian
SL: 15th Curtis, 16th Caspian, 31st Caman
SkillsQuest: 2nd Adrian, 4th Curtis, 8th Caman and 21st Caspian
OVERALL: 6th Adrian, 10th Caman, 13th Curtis and 20th Caspian

Team Event Parallel SL Duals:
1st East, 2nd RC2 (comprising of Mollie McTigue of SSWSC and then Stewart, Viktoria and Tyler of SSCV) and 3rd RC1 (comprising of Abby Olson and Adrian Beaugard of SSWSC and then Stella and Niko from Team Summit)