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Snowboard Team Storms 2024 USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain

Snowboard Team Shows Up for 2024 USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain
SSWSC Snowboard Team athletes stormed the 2024 USASA Snowboard Nationals last week from March 30 to April 4, 2024, at Copper Mountain. Athletes from Steamboat ranged in age from 7 to 26 and competed in halfpipe, slopestyle, rail jam, boardercross, slalom, or giant slalom. Most athletes competed in more than one event, and some competed in all six.

Thirty-six SSWSC Snowboard Team athletes competed—Gigi Boyd, Christian Blight, Sam Carpenter, Taggert Carr, Andrew Clemmons, Parson Cotter, Ethan Deters, Bridger Eavenson, Ellis Eavenson, Brooklyn Einfeld, Carter Einfeld, Jake Einfeld, Luke Feyen, Leo Frisbie, Zoe Gerke, Thomas Halberg, Jackson Helberg, Linda Jechova, Cecelia Jones, Mason Kemp, Adam Lilly, Tatum Lightner, Zubair Lone, Summit Lynch, Cooper Malia, Madden Matuga, Milo Matuga, Owen McAllister, Riley McNew, Walker Overstake, Beckett Patch, Nick Pierce, Conner Peterson, Lilly Rising, Mike Smith and Phineas Walters.

Results for the ProAm Race Team were reported last week. READ MORE.

Madden Matuga 1st place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Thomas Halberg 7th place (Breaker Boy 13-14)
Summit Lynch 10th place (Menehune Boy 11-12)

Giant Slalom:
Madden Matuga, 2nd place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Beckett Patch, 9th place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Adam Lilly, 2nd place (Grommet Boy 9-10)
Cooper Malia, 1st place (Breaker Boy 13-14)

Madden Matuga, 4th place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Brooklyn Einfeld, 7th place (Grommet Girl 9-10)

Brooklyn Einfeld landed her big trick for the first time on our last night of training at Howelsen Hill. She grinded hard during our Copper Day trip and official competition training day and was able to put down her competition run for a score of 79.00.

Bridger Eavenson, 6th place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Madden Matuga, 9th place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Adam Lilly, 4th place (Grommet Boy 9-10)
Zoe Gerke, 3rd pace (Youth Women 15-16)

It was Zoe’s first year competing, and her overall goal was to qualify for and attend Nationals - and she not only achieved her goal of qualifying she ended up with a bronze medal on the podium! Jake Einfeld also qualified for the halfpipe for the first time.

SSWSC coach and Olympian Mick Deirdorff and Snowboard Program Director and Olympian Alex Deibold joined the team at the venue during the boardercross event, coaching, prepping boards, and introducing athletes to the U.S. Team Snowboardcross members. Adam Lilly took 1st in all his heats and tied for the second fastest time trial of the day out of over 140 competitors. This was Adam’s second year taking the top spot in boardercross for his age group at Nationals.

Madden Matuga, 3rd place (Ruggie Boy 7-8)
Adam Lilly, 1st place (Grommet Boy9-10)
Gigi Boyd, 4th place Open Class
Tatum Lightner - 5th place Open Class
Walker Overstake - 3rd place Open Class
Summit Lynch, made it to the quarterfinals and just missed top 10 with an 11th place finish.

It’s also worth noting that for Ellis Eavenson, snowboardcross was his fifth and final event of the week, and he showed up motivated, excited, and full of energy!

Rail Jam:
Strong effort by Adam Lilly and Carter Einfeld, who made the finals!

OVERALL RESULTS (an athlete’s combined points from the results in all five disciplines)
Madden Matuga - 1st place Overall National Champ for Ruggie Boys (7-8)
1st in Slalom, 2nd in Giant Slalom, 3rd in Boardercross, 4th in Slopestyle, and 9th in Halfpipe
Bridger Eavenson- 7th place Overall for Ruggie Boys (7-8)
6th in Halfpipe, 14th in Boardercross, 22nd in Slopestyle, 25th in Slalom, and 27th in Giant Slalom
Summit Lynch - 6th place for Overall for Menehune Boys (11-12)
10th place for Slalom, 11th place for Boardercross, 17th for Giant Slalom, 23rd for Halfpipe, 27th for Slopestyle



The following athletes also qualified but declined:
Christine Hanna (qualified but did not compete due to injury)
Murphy Chamberlain
Julian Ross
Beckham Aragon
Chase Demos
Radlee Rising
Trevon Shoemaker
Oliver Olney
Bode Wellstone
Kellan Barella
Crosby Van Ness

Madden Matuga - 1st Place Overall, photo: Maddie Davis
Madden Matuga - 1st Place Slalom, photo: Maddie Davis
Adam Lilly - 1st Place place, Snowboardcross, photo: Christine Lilly
Zoe Gerke - 3rd place, Halfpipe, photo: Maddie Davis