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Winter Carnival

108th Annual Winter Carnival February 3rd-February 7th, 2021

This year’s #108WinterCarnival’s theme is “Happy Outside!”
Please check back for information on the upcoming 2021 Winter Carnival. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are hopeful that we can host the Winter Carnival and will have more details soon.

A Winter Carnival button is required for entry and spectating at all events.

Buttons are $10 and can be purchased in many locations throughout Steamboat Springs (see link above). Your button will also grant you free skiing at Howelsen Hill during the Winter Carnival (pick up your ski ticket at the ticket office by showing your button).

The Winter Carnival, proudly hosted by the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, is a community-wide celebration of athleticism and winter. This historic event that has been listed as one of the Top Ten Winter Carnivals in the World by National Geographic. For over a century, the Winter Carnival has been a celebration that builds community and highlights Steamboat’s western and ski heritage.

When the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival was first established, it was a celebration born out of the residents’ need to forget the hardships of winter, chase away the shorter days, and bring happiness back to a valley plagued by snow. Today, this five-day long carnival no longer represents a need to forget the long winters, it highlights the community-wide acclaim of snow that has earned the town of Steamboat Springs the moniker, Ski Town, USA. Our Winter Carnival events are unique; we cover our main street with snow and tow children on skis and snowboards behind horses, wild with excitement! The kids maneuver around cones, fly off jumps and best each other in friendly sport. Throughout the week, athletes will celebrate our Olympic heritage by soaring off of nordic jumps, practicing spins and aerials onto an airbag, and racing down the slopes of Howelsen Hill. The Winter Carnival Night Extravaganza entertains and amazes nearly 8,000 people in attendance as they watch the famous Lighted Man in his pyrotechnic suit shooting fireworks from his body, skiers jumping through the fiery hoop, and the spectacle of a barrage of fireworks that culminates in the explosion of one of the largest firework shells in the world.

We are privileged to celebrate our history and heritage in this idyllic mountain town with a world-class Winter Carnival. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the unique heritage and community of the one, the only, Ski Town, USA.


Join the story for the 2021 Winter Carnival using #108WinterCarnival