Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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The SSWSC Snowboard Team is one of the top snowboard training programs in North America.  Programs are available for all levels from beginner to semi pro.  All programs focus on building your skills and meeting your goals whether you are looking to be at the top of the podium or at the bottom of the powder.

With 110 athletes and 17 coaches, the SSWSC Snowboard Team is one of the largest programs in the US. There are 8 previous SSWSC riders currently on the US Snowboard Team. The focus of our program is safe, fun skill development that encourages a passion for the mountains, camaraderie and a love of the sport.


The SSWSC Snowboard Program employs some of the top coaches in the world. We have coaches that are recipients of the USSA Domestic Snowboard Coach of the Year award.  Our Coaches have worked with riders at all levels of the sport from USASA regional events to the US Open, X-Games and the Olympics. All of our coaches are committed to helping you bring out the best in yourself.


Our approach emphasizes development of superior fundamental riding skills.  We want our team riders to be the best snowboarders on the mountain. Period.  With these skills, our team members can choose whatever path they wish- competition, free ride or just having fun.  We work hard to develop a love of the sport and a lifelong passion for snowboarding regardless of chosen path in the sport.


The SSWSC Snowboard Team sends a crew to every major snowboard event in North America. Our regional USASA series is the Rocky Mountain Series, which consistently wins the most medals at USASA Nationals over the past 5 years. You can find our team at USASA Nationals, USSA Revolution Tour and Grand Prix, The US Open, FIS Nor-Am and World Cups, TTR and the World Snowboard Tour, The Arctic Challenge, ESPN X-Games and every 4 years at the Olympic Winter Games.


Our goal is to help riders of all ages achieve their goals in snowboarding.  Whatever those goals are, our passion is working with each individual to get to those goals.  Our coaches challenge, support, inspire and encourage our riders to bring out the best in themselves.

Our competitive team riders have stood on podiums at major snowboard events around the world. From 26 medals at USASA Nationals to Youth Olympic Silver Medals to Junior World Champions, our riders work hard to compete in the world’s biggest events. The SSWSC Snowboard Team has helped riders get to the US Snowboard Team, Project Gold Camps, The USASA Team, US Junior World’s Team and The US Olympic Team.

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