Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Erik Skinner

SkinnerFreestyle Program Director

Erik has been coaching for 18 years.  He grew up in Michigan and moved here in 1989 to attend the Lowell Whiteman School.  He thanks Jim Spillane for changing his life.  He loves to hunt, fish, cook or anything with his two boys and dogs.  He is sponsored by  Technica, Marker, Win, Sports Stalker, and his Wife, Heather.

"I love to watch athletes learn and get excited about a sport I love. I can’t think of a better way to help our next generation grow and be people we will be proud of.  I am also lucky to have such a great staff and have so much fun to working with them."  Erik Skinner

Mike Amato

east20vail200151Head Ability Coach

Mike has been coaching for 8 years.  He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and spent his weekend skiing out of Holiday Valley in Ellicott, NY on their Freestyle Team. 

"When I decided to stop competing, I looked back and thought about how much fun I had and the great people I met. My coaches taught me how to grow as a person and made me realize what I could accomplish in life. I would like to pass that down to a new generation of skiers."  Mike Amato

Tony Lodico

Tony Lodico Freeskiing Head Coach

Tony has been working in youth outdoor education since 1993. He started teaching skiing in 2000, and with the SSWSC in 2004. He grew up in western NY where he first stepped in a halfpipe in 1994, and slid his first rail in 1999. Since then he has also worked as a sailing, surfing, bodysurfing, sea kayaking and adventure learning instructor. Over the last few seasons Tony has been invited to join the US Freeskiing staff at the USSA gold camps. During the summers Tony works as the assistant director for the NYSSA summer camp for at risk youth.

“My goal is to create good people with a respect for the power of nature, and with a love of skiing. If an athlete has that, success will follow. I also believe that learning from all of the skiing and snowboarding disciplines gives us the creativity to be progressive freeskiing athletes.” - Tony Lodico

Travis Crooke

Travis_CrookeJunior Freestyle Coach

Nick Demarest

Nick_DemarestBumps & Jumps Coach
88 Olympians

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